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Hi there everyone,

Today is my first blog! I’m writing a new case study for you to enjoy!


TheCoolDown launched on May 25th, 2021, and was struggling to get a consistent amount of registers at a maximum cost per register of €2.5. They had gathered 10,000 registers so far out of the 40,000.


To deliver 30,000 registered users with a budget of €12,400. Dropping the cost per register by 83.6% to €0.41.


Long story short, because we’re awesome.
In all seriousness though….

We know that influencer marketing is one of your most efficient tactics available when done right.
The problem that businesses have is that they have no clue how to talk and negotiate with influencers, let alone find the right influencer-product fit without paying 10 times more than they should.

Luckily for AB Inbev, we are influencers ourselves which meant that executing a campaign like this was a piece of cake.
Since we’re dealing with a beer company we narrowed our pool of influencers to those who had a strong community within specific games that had a mature audience. (Valorant, CS:GO, Apex Legends, etc….)

We created a win-win-win scenario. A win for the influencer, their community, and our client.

The way we did that was by purchasing a desirable in-game item within that specific game community and giving it away through the influencer by letting their fans sign up on the platform of our client.

Using this simple yet effective strategy, we got 100 influencers on board that promoted our client without paying a fixed fee to these influencers.

All posts went live within 14 days and we offered the best-performing influencers a chance to claim the remaining budget by reaching x amount of registers on the platform by promoting our clients on their best-performing social media channels.

Badabing badaboom, instead of paying €2.5 for a registered user → our client paid €0.32 which is a decrease of 87.3%. We managed to get 38.000 registered users for ABI.

Our client hit their internal goal, mSocial did the impossible and left the people at AB Inbev speechless with our performance.

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