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Game Developer


Patrick Siebarth

My name is Patrick Siebarth, I’m from Germany and I’m very passionate about Unreal Engine.

Creating games was a passion I found when I was just a little kid.

It started with pen and paper but with my first Windows 95 PC I started to draw games with Microsoft Paint.

On a beautiful day I fell in love with the RPG Maker 95 and created project after project…

This quickly led to the exploration of not only different 3D engines such as Dark Basic, FPS Creator but different map editors as well such as Starcraft one and Warcraft three to build maps that felt like a standalone game.

Unfortunately I’ve always felt restricted by the engine, this is why I started to learn how to code.

After countless hours of learning how to code I found Unreal Engine and this was an eye opener… The magical blueprint system in Unreal Engine made it possible to get things done the way I envisioned it with my basic understanding of coding.

From that moment I’ve been specializing in Unreal Engine learning more with each project I finish.